Company Profile

Our Mission

Casing Macron Technology Co. was founded with the mission to be the full-service vendor of computing products. Since it established in 1994, firstly focused its core business on PC chassis and switching power supply, now it expands its product line to other peripheral devices such as card reader, mouse, speaker and barebone system. CASING aims to be the first and foremost name that comes to mind for companies around the world seeking case and enclosures of personal computers. As a company, it dedicated itself to delivers value to the PC industries by designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling high quality products and providing efficient services to its customers.

Super Team

CASING has done its utmost to build not only tangible incentives for innovation, but also a corporate culture that embraces change and creativity. Placing more of a premium on creativity and transparency than on control, a group of young talents shares the latest market as well as industrial information with each other, then the culture of meritocracy enhance itself to be an energetic and efficient organization. Focused on meeting customer requirements, CASING!| workflows commence with surveys to understand these requirements, and then proceed to R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales, as part of a tightly integrated workflow. Therefore, it is finely tuned to the demands of providing innovative solutions that meet custom needs as rapidly as possible.

Future Prospect

Beside the superb and enthusiastic work team, CASING has developed a significant production line based on the expansion of our existing capabilities and investment in new technologies. Its capabilities include complete metalworking, tool, die manufacturing facilities and a full range of injection molding machines. Basing on three cornerstones of functionality, performance and cost-effectiveness, it will also continue its dedication to creating and keeping helping realize a vision for casing, retaining its promise to customers to be their best partner.