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Nowadays, with complete manufacturing facilities, including tooling making, metal stamping, coating, plastic injection and assembling, Casing Macron Technology can assure that it is a reliable long-term partner for its customers to depend on. Its continuous investment in factories and equipments has translated directly into high capacity and efficient production line.

Casing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Total area of:

45,000 square meters

Located in:

Hung Yeh Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dong Guan City, Guandong, China.

Built in


Engineering Resources and Capacity

  • Mechanical Design Engineer:15
  • Tooling Design Engineer:10
  • ID Design Engineer:2
  • Power Supply Design Engineer:1
  • Electronic Design Engineer:4


CASING’s in-house tooling section is able to design and fabricate high precision progressive tooling within 35 days. Plastic mold can be completed within 45 days.


  • PC cases - 400,000 units/ Month
  • Heatsink module - 600,000 units/ Month

Production staff:

2000 +/- persons

QC Staff:

50 +/- persons.
Our QC department is composed of qualified engineers and technicians trained to perform QC inspections. Reputed as one of the leading supplier of computer cases, our product undergoes strict testing and inspection. Each phase of inspection, beginning from production to packing and delivery, we have qualified QC staff to ensure quality control.

R & D Staff:

40 +/- persons
Our R&D department emphasis on new product design, product function and production efficiency. Our R&D members are with profound knowledge in computer technology, product design and market analysis.

Standards & Approvals:

ISO9001, ISO14000

  Machine Quantity
Metal Stamping High Speed Pressing Machine 60 Ton
Pneumatic Pressing Machine 80 Ton~110 Ton
Pneumatic Pressing Machine 160 Ton
Pneumatic Pressing Machine 200 Ton
Pneumatic Pressing Machine 250 Ton      
Pneumatic Pressing Machine 300 Ton
Pneumatic Pressing Machine 400 Ton
Pneumatic Pressing Machine 600 Ton

2 units
76 units
5 units
14 units
1 units
1 units
1 units

Plastic Injection Plastic Injection Machine 100 Ton~200 Ton
Plastic Injection Machine 250 Ton~300Ton
Plastic Injection Machine 350 Ton~400Ton
20 units
7 units
8 units
Painting Liquid Painting Line
Spray Auto Pre-treatment Line
Powder Coating Line
2 sets
1 sets
2 sets
Tooling Milling Machine
Grinding Machine
Soldering Machine
Flanging Machine
Punching Machine
CNC Machine
Cantilever Drilling Machine
4 units
2 units
1 unit
4 units
4 units
5 units
4 units
6 units
Quality Assurance Spectrometer
Chromatic Aberration Meter
Film Thickness Tester
Vibration Test
Drop Test
Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber
1 unit
1 unit
1 unit
1 unit
1 unit
1 unit